The SOURCE Associate Consultant Program is a year-long program designed to support newly-hired consultants during their first year in SOURCE. Our mission is two-fold; we weigh student development and community impact equally, and therefore offer a unique opportunity for students to give back to the community while developing personally and professionally. It is important to us to provide students the skills and support they need for SOURCE and beyond, so we offer a series of intensive trainings and prioritize mentorship that continues through each student's time in SOURCE.

But at SOURCE, the need to grow is just that. A need. Something we irrefutably must do. This openness to feedback and growth acted as a magnet, irresistibly attracting me to the organization.
— rachel alaynick


The professional development at SOURCE has been extraordinary. From rehearsing and improving presentation technique, to a workshop in which we designed a wallet for a partner to practice understanding the needs of clients, I feel better prepared to enter the “real world” after only a semester working for SOURCE.

While working on an client team with experienced consultants, ACs will work creatively, professionally, and collaboratively on client deliverables, or projects. Internal work, another key component of SOURCE, offers endless opportunities to grow as a leader, to be involved in projects that interest you, and to experience the supportive and fun culture of SOURCE. Our consultants are a huge component of our success as an organization, and we strive to help you set and reach your goals. While there are key pillars of the SOURCE experience, no one consultant's time in SOURCE looks the same. We want to help you customize your experience to best fit you. Through both the client partnership and internal initiatives, you will gain experience working with people from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of working styles, and have the opportunity to work on real-world problems that meaningfully impact the community.