we tailor solutions to your organizations

Each year, SOURCE partners with seven nonprofit organizations to address organizational challenges, provide actionable solutions, and expand community impact. For an entire year, each nonprofit client works alongside a team of 4-6 consultants on a range of projects depending on the organization's needs and capacity. Teams are led by a lead consultant, and include experienced consultants and associate consultants from a variety of backgrounds and academic majors. SOURCE approaches each of its client's unique challenges differently and aims to design client-specific solutions that are effective and sustainable for each organization. In bi-weekly meetings, each team and their nonprofit client work together to identify areas for growth, produce tangible solutions, and create plans for long-term application. Each partnership looks a little different depending on the nonprofit partner and the consultant team, but each partnership is designed to maximize the efforts of both nonprofit leaders and consultants for the best possible outcomes.

The experience with SOURCE took us out of our environment and mindset and helped us get to a new paradigm.
— Carmen Hall, Pacific Lifeline



With their nonprofit clients, teams decide which projects to pursue and what direction to take over the course of the partnership. We give each team the freedom and flexibility to focus on work that will be most beneficial and impactful for our clients, all while maintaining uniform, high expectations of professionalism, innovation, and sustainability. Here are just a few examples of common projects conducted by our teams. 

  • Grant Writing

  • Quantitative Impact Analysis

  • Web Design and Development

  • Marketing Strategy and Execution

  • Fundraising Strategies

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Board Evaluation and Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Management Tools and Resources

  • Program Creation and Development

SOURCE was able to help us think about what we could measure and how we could define our impact. With a small staff of six, we did not have the human resources to meet [new Charity Navigator] requirements. Without the skills and professionalism of the SOURCE team, we would have been forced to hire outside consultants at great expense.
— Amy Fass, Executive Director of Shoes That Fit


We are always actively searching for a new challenge to tackle. If you are interested in learning more about what SOURCE can do for your nonprofit organization or being our next client, please contact us at We also encourage you take advantage of our Nonprofit Lunch and Learns and IdeaJams to get better acquainted with us!