LILI 2.jpg


Hometown: Carlsbad, California

School Year: SENIOR

Major: Biotechnology + ECONOMICS

Lili is a Biology and Economics dual major from Carlsbad, California. Lili consulted for Ophelia’s Jump and Foothill Family Shelter before going on to become a manager. Lili spent last summer working with the business development team at Ionis Pharmaceuticals and she will study biomedicine and drug development this fall in Copenhagen, Denmark. Lili works at SOURCE in order to do her part in positively impacting the community surrounding her four year part-time home. An avid brainstormer, Lili is always looking forward to the next IdeaJam! When she’s not in the lab or working for SOURCE, you can find Lili running through the Pomona farm or walking in the Claremont Village sipping on a Tocaja matcha latte with boba.