solutions in 90 minutes

In an IdeaJam, 4-5 passionate SOURCE consultants meet with 2-3 representatives from your nonprofit and spend 90 minutes focused on solving one of your organization's challenges. After getting to know more about the work of your nonprofit, we collaboratively brainstorm possible ideas and solutions specific to your organization and challenges. While each session is only an hour and a half, we go into enough details to provide a rough outline of a plan for implementation and give your organization a head start. Following the IdeaJam, our consultants will send you actionable recommendations based on the ideas discussed to help you get on track toward bringing those ideas to fruition. 

a pro bono service for nonprofits

If you are interested in being one of SOURCE's clients, an IdeaJam is one the first steps toward the application process! We offer 10-12 IdeaJams, hosted at Claremont McKenna College, annually to anyone working with a nonprofit organization in the greater Los Angeles area. IdeaJams allow SOURCE to work with more nonprofit organizations outside of our seven year-long partnerships, and we are eager to continue expanding our reach. We would love to work with you!



Offer you the opportunity see how we work and meet our team


Allow us to better understand your nonprofit and community impact


Provide you with tangible action steps for some of your key challenges

This was a powerful shot in the arm, I’m so enthusiastic about your ideas — I can’t believe we haven’t been doing them for years!
— Lanore Pearlman, Friends of the Claremont Library

If you would like more information, please reach out!