Marketing Strategies for the Social Media Age

The problem that many organizations face when it comes to marketing themselves among the main social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, is focused heavily upon one common, vague question:

“Who is our target audience and how do we effectively reach them?”

In order to best answer this question, I would like to introduce the idea of audience segmentation. For example, let’s say that an organization’s current social media campaign is focused on the goal of increasing the general awareness of their mission and impact among social media users. The easy solution in this situation, is to make a series of generalized sponsored ads that can be published, that lack a personalized sentiment to them but can broadly marketed. However, this is where most organizations limit their outreach and the overall effectiveness of their campaign, without even knowing it. But through the use of a strategy called audience segmentation, you can revolutionize your social media reach overnight, as long as your content is right.

With the implementation of this strategy, the more technical way to achieve this organizations goal, would be to create as many target “segments”, meaning refined groups of generalized audiences, as possible. For example, age ranges. You are not going to market to a millennial college student the same way that you would market to a seventy-year-old retired grandparent. So why, would we create a marketing campaign that is trying to reach both of these groups through the same ad content?

The key is that you have to tell stories to them, that matter to them!

So, now that we have multiple age-related segments, we can now create a personalized marketing campaign for each of these segments. Thus, placing the focus on how you are going about telling your story. Whether that be through modern aesthetically pleasing media-based storytelling, for the younger audience, or through detailed testimonials from those impacted by the organization, for the older audience.

By implementing this strategy, we can launch more than one campaign that will be drastically more effective in the personalized targeting of certain groups. This will in return, only aid in the overall marketing strategy of your organization on these main social media platforms by creating a whole new dynamic relationship with your online community!

By Jordan Venglass