Making the Most of Your Human Capital


At SOURCE’s 10 Year Anniversary Summit, I had the pleasure to work with Paul Vandeventer, President and CEO of Community Partners, Karen Hunte, Executive Director of Taproot Los Angeles, and Vicky Foxworth, Director of Organizational Consulting at Executive Service Corps of Southern California. Our panelists engaged with the audience on a discussion about how to most effectively mobilize their human capital in order to further their organization's mission.  

Below are a few key questions to ask yourself with regards to your nonprofit’s human capital:

Is the fit right?

Don’t rush to hire a new staff member, even if you’re under a time crunch. If you don’t take the time to properly evaluate whether your company’s values, culture, and vision align with that of the prospective employee’s, it is unlikely that the new hire will be able to effectively move your nonprofit’s mission forward.

Are you maximizing your extended network?

Turnover is inevitable. But it is possible for you to benefit even after an employee has chosen to leave your nonprofit.

Hire people who are invested in your nonprofit’s mission and the people it serves, and in return, invest your time in growing them. If they are bought into your nonprofit and you create an engaging and fulfilling experience for their growth, you will always be able to utilize them and their extended network, even after they have left your nonprofit.

Are your volunteers engaged?

If a volunteer comes in for a shift, keep his or her plate full. Your volunteers have set aside 2 hours of their day to help you, so acknowledge that and maximize the time you have with them. As much as you can, delegate meaningful tasks to your volunteers. Or at least explain to them that stapling 100 packets of papers results in providing 100 broken families with their first step towards recovery.

Let your volunteers interface with the people your nonprofit serves – it’s reinvigorating and reminds them why they signed up to help in the first place. Most importantly, don’t forget to show them how much you value their work. Whether it’s through thoughtfully crafted praise or through an event celebrating your staff and volunteers, your appreciation is what keeps volunteers loyal and diligent.

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