Social Media 101: Tips and Tricks

In our experience, these are a few ways to make sure that you get the most from your social media.

Photos: Individuals tend to simply skim their various feeds. As a result, it’s important to grab their attention with photos. On Facebook, you can make albums following key events (make sure you have someone taking lots of photos!); if you can tag individuals in these photos, that’s even better, because it will make sure that their friends can see the posts.

Events: This is a Facebook specific feature. You can create an event to publicize upcoming events related to your nonprofit. You can create excitement around the event by asking attendees to post photos from last year’s event, or to send it to their friends. Additionally, this is a great way to share tons of information in an easily accessible way (many individuals have their Facebook calendars sync with their phone calendars). After the event has taken place, you can post photos to the event and ask for feedback!

Hashtags: Initially introduced on Twitter, hashtags are now used across most social media platforms. Considered similar to tags, hashtags help connect users on similar topics. For example, if I was posting about how cute my dog was, I might use #cutedog to connect to other users with cute dogs. Aim to develop certain hashtags that individuals can use that eventually link back to you, and urge your participants to use them. For example, if SOURCE was hosting a student development event, participants could be urged to use hashtags such as #doinggood and #source, because the first would grow our audience to include those who are also interested in doing good, and then they may click on the second hashtag to learn more about SOURCE. It’s important to understand what the most popular hashtags are related to topics that your organization covers. For example, #studentdevelopment would likely have a smaller audience than #student.

With a few of these key social media tricks under your belt, you’ll be an expert in no time! You’ll start to see greater engagement from your audience both online and in person, which can lead to increased donations. Also, we recommend for you to prioritize using your social media to engage audiences instead of to solicit donations.

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by sara linssen