A Message from the Managers

Nonprofit organizations and community members often ask us why SOURCE consultants are qualified to provide advice for nonprofit community leaders, especially since the nonprofit leaders and board members we work with often have many years of nonprofit experience. In contrast, we are in our early 20s and only have a few years of our college education under our belts; what insights can we share that add value to our nonprofit clients? Based on feedback we have received from previous clients and current nonprofit partners, we often help a nonprofit operate more efficiently due to our fresh perspective, our ability to offer customized, technical solutions for each organization, and our close connection with the Claremont Colleges community as well as the nonprofit community in the Greater Claremont Area.

A New Perspective

Our consultants come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. From starting their own nonprofits to working in management consulting, SOURCE consultants can offer creative and dynamic solutions to your largest problems. SOURCE allows us to apply our liberal arts education to help solve real-world problems. Additionally, our students are offered a variety of resources, such as professional mentors and development workshops to ensure that we always bring a new perspective to match your challenges. These factors help us address our partners’ largest problems with unique solutions, that are tailored to fit the individual organization.

Solutions that Fit Your Organization

At SOURCE, we are committed to creating partnerships that have a meaningful and sustainable impact on our clients. In the past, we have developed impact analysis that evaluate the effectiveness of programs, designed websites to better communicate your mission to the community, and created business plans and social media strategies. These projects are all executed through constant collaboration with our partners in order to ensure that these solutions are customized to the organization’s needs. We understand that each organization is different and requires a unique solution to their dilemmas.

Connection to the Claremont Colleges Community & the Nonprofit Community

Consistent with one of our core values, we aim to spur collaboration and engagement throughout the Claremont community. More specifically, we hope to connect local nonprofits to one another and to resources at the Claremont Colleges. To celebrate our 10-Year Anniversary, SOURCE is hosting a Nonprofit Summit on Friday, February 27th. At this conference, nonprofit leaders will discuss the importance of community collaboration. Throughout all of our work, we strive to create opportunities for collaboration among our clients. We often connect partners who are working on similar projects and addressing similar problems in the community.

If you are interested in partnering with SOURCE, please email the Managers at SOURCE@cmc.edu.

by alice chang and sara linssen