AC Reflection: Beginning at SOURCE

“You’ll get used to my hugs,” Margie said with a smile as we walked out of the CTEC conference room. I had expected a lot of things from my first client meeting; a few nervous stutters and maybe a skeptical look from the clients when I said I was only a freshman, but a hug from the client was not one of them. Yet, this surprising end to the meeting confirmed the belief that I had about SOURCE when I decided to apply: SOURCE is more than just an organization that consults for local nonprofits. We are more than just 30 college students trying to add a few more lines to our resume. We care about the work that we do and the relationships that we maintain. With that anecdote done, here are my top five highlights from my first semester as an AC:

  •  The professional development at SOURCE has been extraordinary. From rehearsing and improving presentation technique, to a workshop in which we designed a wallet for a partner to practice understanding the needs of clients, I feel better prepared to enter the “real word” after only a semester working for SOURCE.
  • Internal Committees are rewarding and an awesome way to further SOURCE’s development. As a member of the web committee, I have been able to help improve the appearance of the website while starting to learn WordPress and other technical skills.
  • Team meetings always balance fun and productivity. Each Thursday from 4-5, I’m excited to see my team, talk about our weeks, and make efficient progress on our client projects.
  • My team’s client (CTEC) is incredibly supportive of all our work and allows us to be creative in our brainstorming and solutions. I have loved getting to know each member of the client team better during this semester and feel confident that I can create projects that better address their needs because of this strong relationship.
  • SOURCE has been much more than work this past semester. We have come together as an organization through beach trips and dinners. These activities have allowed me to make new friends through SOURCE. This cohesiveness builds team chemistry and makes it easier to work with all the other members of SOURCE.

by peter brody-moore