CLASP Case Study: Evaluation Program

The Claremont After School Program (CLASP) first engaged SOURCE in 2005 to create a program evaluation and to develop its educational program. Among the multiple projects SOURCE delivered to the CLASP Board of Directors, SOURCE created an evaluation program to help CLASP quantify their impact on their students. The SOURCE team created surveys to gauge students’ academic aptitude pre-CLASP and post-CLASP. Regressions were conducted against student California Standardized Test (CST) scores. In spring 2013, our technology team created an Excel Macro to run the regressions automatically so CLASP board members can understand regression results without the need of a statistics background.

“For the past five years CLASP and SOURCE have worked together to create and implement an evaluation of CLASP programs, to show how students and volunteers are better off by participation in CLASP. The results we receive from SOURCE enhance our ability to request funding from a wide variety of sources, and also stimulate changes to improve our programs.”

–Teddie Warner, President

With the SOURCE evaluation program, CLASP can now evaluate the effectiveness of their program based upon these quantitative results. After each evaluation year, board members and staff can continually improve CLASP’s programs. In addition, positive trends between attendance at CLASP and CST scores suggest that CLASP is making a positive impact on their student’s academic aptitude. Quantitative impact is displayed in grant letters and help CLASP receive more funding from foundations to continue to grow their program.

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by alice chang