Final Semester Presentations: Fall 2013

We hosted our final semester presentations on December 6, 2013. Each semester, we hold these presentations to summarize our work with each of our nonprofit clients. To learn more about our client work, please email to receive our semester newsletter. We have also provided this semester’s team highlights below.

Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company

The CCBDC team has worked to create a variety of potential avenues for the continued growth and success of the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company, from the development of more efficient communication within the 5Cs and local community, to the analysis of target markets for CCBDC events.

Claremont Community Foundation

The CCF team has focused on research-based deliverables. The team is performing a job analysis of the Executive Director position to help with an upcoming transition in management. Additionally, the CCF team is researching a marketing strategy and a method to effectively work with CCF’s fund management firm.

Claremont Museum of Art

The CMA team has focused on four main projects: identifying and preparing grant applications; researching the community to identify programming needs; creating sustainable program evaluations; and coordinating a board retreat in order to help the Board of Directors develop a strategic plan.

Career and Technical Education Center

The CTEC team has created a Career Services Handbook for CTEC students to use throughout their search for careers in vocational industries. Additionally, the team is establishing a program evaluation to measure the impact of these handbooks on CTEC students, as well as assisting with overall CTEC marketing to prospective students and future employers.

David and Margaret Learning Center

The D&M team redesigned the publicity materials and marketing strategy for the organization’s Learning Enhancement Center.  It has done the latter by reaching out to PTAs, local publications, and relevant blogs. The team also created a new website with a more modern and professional look.

First Street Art Gallery

The FSAG team has been working to expand and formalize the gallery’s Art Services program, which will give businesses the opportunity to rent or purchase First Street artists’ work. The team researched existing models for art services, and is developing a final business plan for the program. Additionally, the FSAG team is launching a crowd-funding campaign and creating a strategic plan to help FSAG fundraise and expand their membership base through their 25th Anniversary Event.

Shoes that Fit

The STF team has provided its client with three deliverables: a quantitative analysis which correlates the provision of shoes with its impact on students’ academic performance; a qualitative survey which focuses on the development of students’ self-esteem; and an analysis of how STF’s results fit with its mission statement.

by janice tse