Impact Through the Arts

As a nonprofit consulting group, we analyze how our clients deliver impact during our on-boarding process in order to help them best serve their communities. While this process may involve counting people served, dollars raised, or donations provided, we understand impact can be found and measured in so many ways beyond these simple statistics. This process is always incredibly rewarding and helps us become personally invested in our client’s mission.

In the recent on-boarding of Inland Valley Repertory Theatre, I was able to discover the many unique ways that IVRT impacts the community of Claremont and the surrounding areas. Through its performances, education programming, and nonprofit outreach, they interact with and positively affect many different avenues of the community through a variety of ways.

One of the most notable ways IVRT impacts their audience is through their performances. As an organization, IVRT prides itself on employing great people to produce notable and award-winning theatrical works for community enjoyment. In a year alone, they put on 17 shows and 6 Reader’s Theatre that is viewed by over 4,000 people in Claremont alone. But how exactly do their shows impact their viewers? While everyone’s perception of the performance may be different, the plays expose people to new ideas and perceptions, start important conversations, contribute to education and literacy, and build skills of listening and empathy. By encouraging audience engagement, involvement through the volunteer guild, and expansion of their audience, IVRT promotes further diversity and inclusion in the people they serve, promoting further impact through a diverse spread of perspectives.

In addition to serving people through the art of performance, IVRT is able to serve several additional communities through their educational programs. These programs include musical theatre classes and workshops, assemblies at the Sumner-Danbury Elementary School, Reader’s Theatre projects at El Roble Intermediate School, and summer camps partnered with the Claremont Community School of Music. The point of these programs is to not only to expose young students to the arts, but also to foster the creation of creativity, self-expression, community, confidence, and empowerment. By giving young kids the encouragement and lessons they need to perform and share their voice, they are given a new outlet to express themselves and a boost of confidence that will carry out to other aspects of their life.

Finally, IVRT is able to benefit other nonprofits through their various partnerships in the community. One example of this is the tiered ticket sale system they use to help other nonprofits fundraise at their performances. This mutually beneficial system connects the community together and enables organizations to have an additional method of fundraising. In addition, IVRT uses its own connections and resources to promote other local community art events through their strategic email marketing campaigns as well as donations of tickets to  their performances. Lastly, IVRT collaborates with nonprofits to give the people they serve educational workshops and access to performances. One such program is the David & Margaret Youth and Family Services Center who is working with IVRT to provide workshops and performances to the woman in their program.

By looking past the initial statistics and methods for measuring impact, one discovers just how unique and impactful a nonprofit is. It is at the core of an organization’s impact that you discover the passion and enthusiasm that drives the success of the nonprofit and makes you personally invested in their mission.

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by megan tankersley