Nonprofit Lunch and Learn: Vince Greer

On Wednesday, October 25th, nonprofit leaders from the greater Los Angeles area gathered for SOURCE’s monthly Nonprofit Lunch and Learn. The attending nonprofits were able to connect with each other and meet other organizations within the Claremont nonprofit sphere.

After the meal, Vince Greer — Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity, Inclusion, and Student Life — facilitated conversations and provided his own insights on how to successfully use emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Greer prompted thought on each individual’s communication preferences, and then moved toward discussing effective communication strategies. This allowed the audience to evaluate their own strategies of communication and highlight areas that they could improve on. Moving from individual preference and methods of communication, toward communication in practice, Greer led an activity during which individuals worked on their active listening skills.

Overall, the afternoon was filled with learning about each other, and learning the best ways to employ emotional intelligence to foster clear and thoughtful communication amongst colleagues. Greer shared that ideas are within us all, but often miscommunication and bias opinions destroy these ideas and visions. Active listening and communication, however, allow everyone’s voice to be heard and appreciated in the workplace.

by mitchell black