Padua Hills Art Fiesta

On Sunday, Novemb­er 5th, the Claremont Museum of Art team visited the Padua Hills Art Fiesta, hosted by the Claremont Museum of Art (CMA). At the beautiful Padua Hills Theatre, the team perused local artists’ works while looking out over Inland Empire. Among the artists featured was Milford Zornes, who created watercolor landscapes during his time in Claremont. The exhibition also included work by, woodworkers, sculptors, and other artisans. The team even got to see the process of making ceramics as an artist spun a jar on his potter’s wheel.

The annual Fiesta was first held in 1953 by artisans within the local Claremont area. CMA bonded over celebrating the Fiesta’s lineage while munching on Casa de Salsa’s taco bar as well as Spaggi’s Jamaican punch. This experience was a terrific way for the SOURCE team to immerse themselves in their client’s work and witness first-hand how CMA impacts the community.

by mitchell black