Perseverance & Pivots: Projects for the David and Margaret Learning Enhancement Center

Since September 2011, SOURCE has worked to increase  Learning Enhancement Center (LEC) retention rates and grow customer membership. The LEC is part of David & Margaret Youth and Family Services that provide programs to children with ADHD. This case study exhibits the amount of perseverance and the importance of pivoting when tackling hard-to-solve issues facing SOURCE clients.

In order to meet our objectives, SOURCE decided to quantitatively measure the effect of current LEC programs on their clients.  Due to the small sample size, traditional data collection methods and regression analysis would not be the accurate. Thus, the SOURCE team tried to implement standardized tests to quantify the effect of LEC programs on their clients.

Due to various constraints, including labor and technicalities with implementing a standardized exam, SOURCE pivoted to focus on marketing efforts in order to reach the same objectives of increasing retention and maximizing customer membership. This way, SOURCE can highlight the qualitative strengths that the LEC has.

SOURCE found that the appeal of the LEC might not be captured in numbers, but in words that highlight the comforting, inviting environment. Thus, SOURCE stressed that the LEC works with academically-frustrated children who are not meeting their full learning potential, and not necessarily ADHD diagnosed. The team emphasized the interactive, highly personalized, and one-on one nature of program that incorporates a whole-body approach to stimulate all three major learning processes: motor, visual, and auditory. The LEC now stresses their strong local reputation and the support provide for the entire family.

As a part of this rebranding process, SOURCE revamped the LEC website and conducted community outreach to schools, PTAs, and rotary clubs.The team is now exploring ways to increase publicity through earned media sources, such as Yelp, local papers and on parenting blogs, in addition to creating a referral program to take advantage of spreading awareness by word of mouth. Even though SOURCE experienced many hurdles throughout its project for the LEC, the team has persevered and pivoted its approach when needed in order to deliver the best results for the clients.

As a result of SOURCE’s work, LEC program managers have been reinvigorated with this new marketing campaign. The program has been around for over twenty years and has remained relatively stagnant. SOURCE has provided new direction and energy with minimal costs, benefiting the program and all the stakeholders – the program managers, children, their families and the college students working with the LEC.

by kartik das