Rolling Off Pacific Lifeline

Pacific Lifeline is a transitional woman and children’s shelter in Upland, California. Over the past twenty years, Pacific Lifeline has helped house and support 109 women and 200 children. In 2014, Pacific Lifeline supported several families by providing them with free housing, therapy, counseling and child care services to help them attain financial stability.
This semester, Kartik Das, Michael Choi, Brianna Masciel, and Sumaer Sandhu collaborated with Pacific Lifeline to create a comprehensive grant template (that condenses several previous grants), plan logistics for their annual fundraiser, and transition to a new web platform that helped them save over 400 dollars per year. After working closely with SOURCE, Pacific Lifeline successfully raised over $2,300 dollars at their fundraiser at the Padua Hills Theater on April 26th, 2015.
Through the partnership with Pacific Lifeline, SOURCE consultants learned how to:

  • Write successful grants
  • Develop effective communication and expository skills
  • Promote events through targeted marketing strategies

We look forward to a continued relationship and future with Pacific Lifeline! Thank you for letting us support your mission of empowering women and families in the Claremont community.

by kartik daas