Saying Goodbye to Shoes That Fit

For the past two years, SOURCE has partnered with Shoes That Fit, a local Claremont nonprofit that donates thousands of shoes to children all across the country. They believe that giving shoes increases a student’s confidence, allowing them to tackle school problems with more conviction. Here are some of the lessons we've learned from our time with them:

A strong nonprofit driven by its mission statement

Shoes That Fit’s mission concentrates around children’s wellbeing and advancement. Our team worked with our Shoes That Fit partners to analyze content in the Thank-You cards they receive from children who have received a pair of shoes. Some standout cards stated that the recipients could now play sports, go to school, climb a mountain or ride a bicycle with their new shoes. Other children described how happy, proud and thankful they were for these shoes. What shocked us most was how some of the children expressed their desire to help Shoes That Fit in the future, explaining that they hoped to help others receive shoes. Through working with Shoes That Fit and reading through hundreds of Thank-You cards, we started to understand how impactful this Claremont Nonprofit was on the lives of so many young children.

Committed to making a better community

Shoes That Fit receives many of its shoes from corporations in the community, and therefore serves as a social bridge between the companies and the individuals they serve. They partner with many for-profit organizations and are able to efficiently distribute these shoes to the children in need. These close ties became extremely apparent when we worked on a corporate research project for them, identifying new corporate sponsors that were aligned with Shoes That Fit’s mission. Their unique model of operation permits them to work with any company that has a will to give back with kids who need help. This project helped Shoes That Fit expand its ties in the community.

Throughout our partnership, we have been able to see the impact of Shoes That Fit’s hard work in the community. These past two years have helped our SOURCE team grow as individuals and has allowed us to help increase the impact Shoes That Fit has on so many children. We thank you again for letting us be a part of your work and dream!

by matthieu hafemeister