Visit to Pacific Lifeline

This November, a group of SOURCE consultants and analysts visited Pacific Lifeline, a non-profit women and children’s shelter in Upland.  Pacific Lifeline, a mission of the Brethren in Christ Church, was established in the early 1900’s as a street ministry to sailors in San Francisco, and later transitioned into a community-based ministry to homeless women and their children.  Today, Pacific Lifeline allows families to establish a foundation that will enable them to remain self-sufficient.  After women and their families engage with Pacific Lifeline, they can lead a secure, stable life.

During the visit, SOURCE was able to learn more about Pacific Lifeline’s operations, culture, and structure. SOURCE discovered that Pacific Lifeline’s donor base is plateauing, which decreases the nonprofit’s funding base. The nonprofit is also lacking in employees and capacity for the influx in families who need their services. Since the economy has been so volatile, it is much more difficult for women to enter the workforce, leaving more families at the shelter every year.

In order to solve these problems, SOURCE presented the idea of enhancing Pacific Lifeline’s marketing strategies- including online expansion, developing and expanding the donor base, as well as looking at internal work that the women and children staying at Pacific Lifeline could help with. SOURCE is currently scheduling an IdeaJam session where we will work to develop capacity building solutions for Pacific Lifeline, particularly focusing on their marketing strategy.

If you are a nonprofit interested in partnering with SOURCE for an IdeaJam, please email

by kartik das