What SOURCE Taught Me in my First Year

May 2015 not only marks the end of the current school year but also the end of my first year as a SOURCE consultant. It has been such a terrific first year. SOURCE has allowed me to learn, grow, and help the community around me. Here are the main lessons I’ve taken away from SOURCE as a young professional, student and community member:
Personal Development
There are very few organizations in the Claremont Colleges that are as focused as SOURCE is on helping a student grow as an individual. Through the numerous workshops implemented throughout the year, SOURCE taught me about grant proposal writing and board governance in nonprofits, as well as about how to receive feedback and be more efficient with Excel. SOURCE provides workshops on a range of skills that are necessary in the workforce but excluded from traditional classroom curriculum.
A large part of personal growth is also fostered through the work we perform. We use the tools developed in class, and apply them to real-world problems. SOURCE allowed me to find practical use for my knowledge of statistics and regressions to help clients develop more effective ways to measure their impact on the community and develop better programming.
Understanding the World of Nonprofits
It is undeniable that every member of SOURCE cares deeply about the nonprofit world. Many have volunteered or interned with nonprofits around the globe, and they are all passionate about serving the community. Joining SOURCE not only helped me stay in contact with the nonprofit community, but also allowed me to dive deeper and learn more about the nonprofit sector. My experience with SOURCE has taught me so much about the way nonprofits function and how each goes about advancing their mission. I’ve gained valuable insight on how nonprofit are run, how they fund their operations, and how they execute their goals and impact their community. Being able to work hand in hand with leaders of nonprofits in our community has been a positive and productive experience.
It’s All About the Impact
No matter how you choose to involve yourself in a nonprofit, you should always invest yourself in furthering the nonprofit’s impact in the community. SOURCE prides itself on being a part of this process for the nonprofits we partner with. Working on tangible deliverable alongside nonprofit staff has heightened my awareness of the importance of the work we produce at SOURCE. Every project, analysis and presentation that we produce has a specific impact or application for the nonprofit we partner with, and can be sustainably implemented after we stop working with the nonprofit. SOURCE aims to build capacity within organizations in order to further their impact from within.

by kenny cunanan