Why Should We Collaborate? How Can We Collaborate? Find out at the SOURCE Nonprofit Summit!

A year ago, a few SOURCE members sat in our space discussing how we could celebrate our upcoming ten-year anniversary. While brainstorming, we contemplated the impact that SOURCE had over the past ten years and our hopes for the next ten. Over SOURCE’s lifetime, we have partnered with over 17 nonprofits, delivering a range projects from evaluating the effectiveness of an after school tutoring program to creating a career services and financial literacy handbook for students. We are so grateful to our community partners and the leaders in Claremont for the opportunity to collaborate and make a positive impact. Looking forward, we want local collaboration and innovation to take our work to the next level.

To commemorate SOURCE’s ten-year anniversary, we will host a Nonprofit Summit on Friday, February 27th, 2015, and foster a vibrant discussion about community collaboration and innovation. We hope the Summit will set the stage for local nonprofits to join together and discuss how to better fulfill our missions and to expand our impact.

The event will include the following exciting opportunities to engage with leading experts in the social sector:

  • An opening panel, with Wendy Garen, Chelina Odbert ‘99, and Paul Vandeventer, will start off by looking at the power of collaboration and community engagement from a funder’s, a founder’s, and a board member’s point of view. They will address some of the hard questions, such as “How do we overcome the current barriers to collaboration?”
  • Janet McIntyre and David Factor will, respectively, address nonprofit strategic development and board development, focusing on the question of “How can strong leadership and a clear vision empower nonprofits to make change in Claremont?”
  • Pamela Gann and Barbara Bushnell will discuss practical ways to expand and develop an organization’s fundraising, while Cathleen Kirtiz will host a training session on grant proposal writing.
  • Paul Vandeventer, Vicky Foxworth, and Bari Goldsmith will host a discussion on how to manage and best optimize human capital in your organizations. Simultaneously, three CMC students who founded and manage their own nonprofits will discuss how various technologies have helped them create innovation within their organizations.

This Nonprofit Summit is an opportunity for community leaders and students to discuss how to drive growth for your nonprofit, how to engage with other nonprofit leaders, and ultimately how to make the Claremont community a better place. Together, we can create a thriving, sustainable Claremont. Take the next step towards collaboration. Join us at the Summit.

by sara linssen