Rolling Off The Claremont Museum of Art: A Stellar Client for 4 Years

The Claremont Museum of Art has been a SOURCE Client for four years. Throughout these four years, SOURCE has developed a deep partnership with the Board of the Claremont Museum of Art. Projects included: researching donor management platforms, conducting a strategic Board Retreat, compiling all of their previous grant applications into one comprehensive database, applying for grants, and conducting community research to better understand the community’s interest in programming.
SOURCE assisted The Claremont Museum of Art with four main projects this year.

Grant Video

SOURCE prepared a 4 minute video explaining the details of CMAs ARTstART Program. The video also included many snippets of the program in action, as well as ARTstART participants explaining why they enjoyed the program. SOURCE filmed over 2 hours of footage and reviewed the film to create a storyboard that aligned with the message that CMA was trying to convey in the film. Once the storyboard and pieces of film were chosen, SOURCE’s tech team edited and produced the video.

CRM Platform Transition / Integration

CMA had been trying to transition to a new consumer relationship management platform for their donors. After over a year of searching for a program that fit all of their needs, SOURCE was able to select a platform that aligned with all the criterion that CMA required. SOURCE facilitated the transfer of all donor data into the platform, and trained CMA how to utilize the new platform.

Grant History

CMA applies to various grants throughout the year. SOURCE created a comprehensive document that compiled over 40 grants that fit very well with CMAs mission. Furthermore, SOURCE created a grant history document that details all of the funding CMA has received during recent years. This grant history also contains historical data that details what grants CMA has applied to and what funding they have received.

Program Evaluations

CMA’s ARTstART Program seeks to bring art education to Claremont’s local elementary schools. Many charitable foundations and grants now require some sort of program evaluation to ensure that their money is being well spent by the recipients. SOURCE created and implemented a program evaluation to ascertain the strong points, and weaknesses of the program. This will allow CMA to grow and develop, as well as provide potential funders a concrete evaluation that shows the benefits of the ARTstART Program.

Through our four years of partnership, SOURCE has learned a lot from CMA and their programming. Here are some important lessons that other nonprofits can learn from:

Maximizing your Board

The Claremont Museum of Art is primarily powered by their incredibly invested Board members. With a very limited staff, the majority of their work in the community is done by their Board members. It’s inspiring to see how engaged these members are with the community and their mission.

Design programs that engage the community

After losing a physical space a few years ago, the CMA Board decided to creatively re-imagine their programming, ultimately creating the ARTstART program. The ARTstART program uses college students to mentor high school students, who have monthly artistic training and teaching sessions, and then go to elementary schools three times a year to teach the younger students about local art history. Through this program, CMA is able to impact an incredibly wide array of children, with relatively low investment. Further, ARTstART is fundamentally community driven, as it is powered by Claremont high school students.

We are excited to stay in touch with the Claremont Museum of Art and continue to see their incredible work in the community! Thank you for letting us be a part of your mission in the community.

by christian mkpado