Associate Consultant Recruiting Process

Upon arriving on CMC’s campus, I almost immediately found myself flooded with emails and informs about different job opportunities, open houses, and career fairs. The swift nature of first arriving on campus put me in a recruiting process for a position at SOURCE almost immediately. While all of the sixty potential applicants certainly weren’t offered a spot as an Associate Consultant, all were left with some form of constructive, practical feedback that would assuredly assist their future endeavours.

Everyone’s personal experience through the cycle differed; however, there were some common points of benefit that I can definitely attest to.

The first stage of the application process is written. It includes the submission of a resume along with a three page analysis of several inefficiencies and potential solutions for a nonprofit you’ve previously worked with. These requirements encouraged most of the freshmen and even some sophomores to visit the Soll Center for Student Opportunity to receive feedback on their resume. I can speak on behalf of many in saying that we learnt of the best structures for communication and relevant experiences to include. The written analysis acted as a sample to demonstrate the succinct nature of most consulting deliverables. Additionally, it allowed all candidates the opportunity to explore the thinking and reasoning necessary to be a consultant.

The second stage is a group interview. After being presented with a previous case that SOURCE has taken, you are given 25 minutes to brainstorm potential solutions to present with 3-4 other students potential solutions. Having approximately eight experienced consultants observe and survey the entire process only made the process considerably more serious and intimidating. Nonetheless, it was these nerve-wracking moments that spoke volumes about future expectations in such interviews. Beyond the importance of the contrived solutions lies the value in demonstrating personal character and strengths in interacting and succeeding in groups. Those who flourished were able to aid the direction of conversation without dominating authority, recap discussed points to advance the conversation, and maintain positive, inquisitive attitudes through the process.

Receiving an individual individual is contingent on selection from the group interview. Considering the circumstances, walking into the room for an individual interview could seem as even more intimidating than the group interview. Nonetheless, this process perhaps contributed the most to my understanding of all future interviews. Firstly, I learnt that is extremely important to always come prepared to answer general questions about yourself and speak about anything displayed on your resume written application. I also came to realization through experience that sometimes the more authentic responses will benefit you more than those that might seem more practical to demonstrate your strengths. After all, being sincere and genuine will only demonstrate your true colors.

Perhaps the greatest perk of the SOURCE application process is that at any stage of elimination, the lead consultants actually call the applicant to inform them of their decision with feedback and the opportunity to ask further questions. I’ve come to realize that this is crucial in the success of even your greatest abilities and something that I’m really thankful that SOURCE emphasizes.

by maxine baghdadi