innovation and collaboration for community impact

At SOURCE, we are dedicated to providing quality, pro bono consulting services to nonprofit organizations that lead to real and meaningful community impact. Through a variety of client services, our consultants are able to engage with the local community, helping nonprofit leaders and community members overcome organizational limitations and build capacity for a larger impact. Each program is designed to support, strengthen, and nurture the community by helping local nonprofit organizations better serve their members. Our client partnerships and IdeaJams facilitate one-on-one collaboration between our team and your nonprofit organization, and our Nonprofit Lunch and Learns offer the opportunity for community collaboration and connection. Whether it be small shifts or revolutionary changes, SOURCE is eager to continue working with more nonprofit organizations in the years to come!


We highlight our client services and community impact for the past year at our annual Symposium. This event is a great opportunity to see firsthand the deliverables we created with our nonprofit partners and to engage with our consultants about how we can help you! We would love to have you join us next year!